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✔︎接受現場轉數快/PayMe/網上轉數/ ✔︎信用卡收手續費3% 《網上全數付款》 一經下單後我們會立即把貨品抽起,保留給客人,我們客服會1天內聯絡客人安排取貨 《所有貨品出門恕不退換》 《雙方同意條款》 寄賣貨品需於上架後放賣30天,如果30天內要取回貨品需付$ 800手續費 30天後貨品未能賣出再與BEKA LUX 聯絡 我們只接受正品寄賣,如本店發現寄賣品是彷制品立即收取$9000手續費並報海關處理和保留追究,不成功不收費 《BEKA LUX 商店政策》 我們的私隱政策涵蓋我們使用閣下提供的資料(包括收集\儲存及使用有關閣下的資料以作改善業務之用)無論任何情況本公司絕不涉露顧客的個人資料 BEKA LUX 保留權利以隨時於沒有通知的情況下修改介紹貨品的內容(包括我們所提供服務)及此等條款及細則 BEKA LUX的專頁及網站上所有內容、包括介紹貨品內容、設計、文字、圖像及其他材料的知識產權權利,及其選取或安排由我們擁有、控制或獲許可~嚴禁任何未經事前書面批准的授權使用,BEKA LUX 公司名稱已成功申請專利有關於BEKA LUX名字所有貨品,為我們的財產 BEKALUX 擁有接受或拒絕提供服務的最終權利,保留終止或更改優惠活動的權利,如有任何爭議,我們的決定將是最終及具決定性 BEKA LUX與任何品牌無關,所有商標和版權屬該品牌所有及品牌財產 大家預訂前請閱讀以上須知,BEKA LUX 是提供高品質及窩心服務,請大家放心購買,祝大家購物愉快! ✔︎ Accept on-site FPS/PayMe/Online FPS/cash no note $1000 ✔︎Credit card charges 3%handling fee "Online Full Payment" Once the order is placed, we will immediately pick up the goods and keep it for our customers. Our customer service to contact you in one day for shop pick up 《All goods are non- refundable 》 《Both agreed terms》 Consignment items must be put on sale for 30 days. If you want to retrieve the items within 30 seconds, you will need to pay a $800 handling fee After 30 days, please contact BEKA LUX for more details We only accept genuine consignment. If our shop finds that the consignment is an imitation product, immediately pay a $9000 processing fee and report to the customs for processing and retention. If it is not successful, no charge 《About the picture content》 All the pictures on are 100% taken in kind. The goods are 100% inspected by BEKA LUX TEAM colleagues before they are sent to ensure that there are no problems with the goods before they are sent. The actual size of each product will also be provided, and the color of the goods will be shown on the picture. , The size is for reference only. The actual product may have a deviation of about 2-3CM due to different batches. Due to the different settings and resolution of the computer screen, the color of the product may have a slight color difference due to different display screens. Subject to the actual color 《BEKA LUX Store Policy》 Our privacy policy covers our use of the information you provide (including the collection storage and use of information about you for business improvement purposes). In any case, the company will never disclose customer personal data BEKA LUX reserves the right to modify the content of the introduced goods (including the services we provide) and these terms and conditions at any time without notice BEKA LUX special page and all content on the website, including the intellectual property rights to introduce the content of the goods, design, text, images and other materials, and their selection or arrangement are owned, controlled or licensed by us ~ Anything without prior written permission The authorized use of BEKA company name has been successfully applied for a patent. All goods about BEKA LUX name are our property BEKA LUX has the final right to accept or refuse to provide services, and reserves the right to terminate or change the promotion. If there is any dispute, our decision will be final and decisive Please read the above instructions before booking. BEKA LUX provides high-quality and heart-warming services. Please rest assured to buy and wish you a happy shopping!
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