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ʟɪᴠᴇ ɪɴ ʟᴜxᴜʀʏ ✔︎最強驗證 ✔︎最強銷售/ 服務 ✔︎最強攝影 ✔︎最強後勤支援 我們的故事/ OUR STORY 2020/8月 成立BEKA LUX 我們地址: 尖沙咀柯士甸路20-20A號, 保發商業大廈13 樓01 室 ✔︎持有商業登記 ✔︎私隱絕對保密 門市付款方式 ✔︎FPS / payme / 銀行轉帳 / 信用卡 建議各位客人可以follow我地: Facebook : 希望大家快啲搜尋我哋緊貼BEKALUX最新動向 BEKA 是提供高品質及窩心服務,請大家放心購買,祝大家購物愉快! Q&A ** Q: 點解咁辛苦成本又高都要堅持開網頁? A: 答案:試過有次,我病左成日覆唔到whatapps,第日有成百幾個message 根本覆唔切, 每次見你地又Cap 圖又要等, 點解BEKA 唔可以做多D 方便大家下單! Q: 個網頁bekalux.com登記做會員係咪好煩嫁? A: 答案:簡單到爆, 支援Facebook 登入, 只要電話+ 電郵就攪掂哂,過程唔洗3 分鐘, 日後仲有助方便追蹤件去到邊+ 什麼狀況, 又可以check 返自己買過D 乜! * 2020/AUG BEKA LUX was launched Instagram Facebook : Q & A ** Q: Do you need to open a webpage if the cost is too high? A: Answer: I have tried once. I got sick from the left and covered with whatapps. On the first day, there were hundreds of messages that were completely missing. Turn out , we found that website is convenient for everyone to place an order! Q: Is it annoying to register as a member of A: Answer: It ’s simple, it supports Facebook login, as long as your phone number and email , the process will be ONLY taken for 3 minutes. In the future, it will help you to track the item to the side and stay closer with BEKA LUX Q: will you worry for competitors? A: Answer: In fact, sometimes there is pressure to make changes and improvement . However, we never worry about this, keep on moving ! 5 years experience wasn’t wasted. Customer told us after-sales service is very important! Of course, I have absolute confidence in BEKALUX!